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Residential Cleaning Services
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Residential Carpet Cleaning

We have 3 different ways that we clean carpet. The first is called buffer and extractor. This process is used mostly on really dirty carpet or on carpet with a tight knit such as berber or commercial grade carpet. It uses a rotary buffer to shampoo the carpet and then a portable extractor to suck up all the dirt and help dry the carpet. This process does leave the carpet a little bit wetter than our other process but should still be dry to touch within 6 to 12 hrs.

The next process we use is called dry foam. This process uses a cylindrical brush that puts down shampoo as a foam, scrubs the carpet, and sucks it all back up in one steady pass. This process is used mostly on longer carpet fibers and carpet that is well maintained, not requiring a lot of muscle to remove the dirt. It is however very effective and leaves the carpet much dryer than the other process. Carpet should be dry to touch within 4 to 8 hrs.

The last process is called steam cleaning. This process uses a truck mounted unit attached with solution and vacuum hoses to carpet wand that puts down extremely hot water and sucks it all back up all in one process. The carpet is presprayed with a chemical first to make the dirt realease its bond to the carpet. Steam cleaning leaves the carpet very dry. In less than 4 hrs most of the time the carpet will be dry to touch.

No matter what shape your carpet is in, we have a process that should work for you. By having the versatility to clean in multiple styles, we have the edge on the competition. Give us a call today for a free estimate.


Windows - Inside/Outside

Our process for window washing is called "Old School". It involves window cleaner, rags, and elbow grease!! This is the only true way to clean windows and leave a streak free shine. Call today for your free estimate. 

Power Washing

The Power Washing system we use is called a soft wash system .This uses a low pressure, high volume pump,  and a mixing tank to mix bleach and water. Running a pressure of 150 psi. at 5 gals/min. we can easily wash 2 story houses standing on the ground. This process is really beneficial for your older houses that you don't want to worry about peeling the paint off. For the really tough, thick algae, mold, and mildew, we also have high pressure washers of up to 2300psi. that can handle the job with ease. Call today for your free estimate.  

Other Services:

  • General Cleaning
  • Remodel/Construction Cleanup
  • Smoke Damage Restoration
  • Lawn Care
  • Water Extraction

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